Q & A

Member: I have a home business but I don’t want it listed as such when I join
Chamber: We would love to have your support as an Individual Member, and as such your business would not be listed.

Member: Is your Chamber taking positions on the High Speed Rail, or other ‘hot’ topics or politically?
Chamber: We are advocates for our Members, and as such we recognize the varied positions our Members have. We are happy to voice our Member’s opinions to the appropriate groups, but we won’t take a position or allow outside organizations to do so through the Chamber or the Chamber Events.

Member: I don’t have a business so can I join, and why would I?
Chamber: Yes you can join, and the simple answer to why you would join, is if you love San Martin you should be a Member!  We are building San Martin’s identity and Community, by promoting our member businesses in the our Community.  Help us celebrate San Martin’s uniqueness, and support your local businesses at the same time!  “We Are Stronger Together”!

Member: What type of activities do you have and can only Members participate?
Chamber: We will have Business Socials, which will be hosted by local businesses, just as Clos LaChance Winery did for us.  And of course we will have other activities and events through each year.

Member: How much are your President and/or Board paid?
Chamber: We are 100% volunteers

Member: Why was there no Chamber of Commerce in San Martin before?
Chamber: To our knowledge we are the first Chamber of Commerce in San Martin, and given the excitement surrounding the Chamber today we too are surprised it was not created previously.

Member: If I join today, when will I need to renew?
Chamber: Membership renewal dates are based upon the date you joined. If you join June 1st, your renewal will be June 1st of the following year.

Member: How much is it to join?
Annual Membership Dues:

Charter $175
Business $100
Non-Profit $75
Resident $25

If you have a question you’d like answered in this forum email the question to President@SanMartinChamber.org