Member Benefits

The Chamber is laying the foundation to bring local businesses and community together, and with your help and involvement the Chamber will do great things in San Martin.  Join and become part of San Martin’s future as we become stronger together!

Why join San Martin’s Chamber of Commerce?

  • Local – The Chamber is the key to bringing together San Martin businesses and our San Martin community.
  • Pride – The Chamber will build San Martin’s identity as The Jewel of South County™, while helping to grow your local business.
  • Focus – Other Chambers may be bigger, but San Martin’s Chamber will shine the spotlight* on your business, and San Martin, as no other Chamber can.

*Charter Members will be given the first opportunity to Sponsor our local community events and activities.

Join and become a key part of San Martin’s future, as we become stronger together!

Business Benefits:

Businesses will be able to network together at meetings, Business Socials and Chamber hosted Community Events.

Directly participate in growing our community while maintaining our rural environment

Revitalize the San Martin downtown area by joining together with other like minded businesses and residents to put energy and money into the heart of San Martin.

Community involvement allows businesses to give back to our local area and build good will.

Chambers are known to be referral generators, and a recent study showed that consumers are more likely to trust a local business if it is a member of the local Chamber.

Individual Benefits:

Individuals who are not joining to benefit a business will find strength in numbers as the Chamber looks to build a stronger community thru events and Barn Raising type events.