Chamber By Laws

San Martin Chamber of Commerce
As adopted Date Jan 18th, 2017


The name of this organization is San Martin Chamber of Commerce, and it will maintain its office in San Martin, Santa Clara County, State of California. Its current address is 95 E. San Martin, San Martin, CA. Having filed Articles of Incorporation as a Non-Profit Corporation with the Secretary of State, subject to all the Federal and State laws regulating organizations filing under Section 237001e of the California Revenue and Taxation Code; this organization shall be subject to those regulations and any portion of these By-Laws found to violate State of Federal law may be eliminated without affecting the remaining portions.


Building Community to Protect San Martin’s Rural Heritage

The Mission of the Chamber is to promote local serving business, stimulate the economic, general public interest of the residents within San Martin, build strong community bonds, strengthen San Martin’s independent and unique identity within Santa Clara Valley, seek to work in harmony with individuals and business, government and civic organizations within the greater community, and protect the San Martin’s small town rural character, which makes San Martin special. The Chamber is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-discrimentory.


(A) Eligibility: Any person is eligible for membership in the Chamber if the desire to assist in accomplishing the organization’s purpose. After notice and opportunity for a hearing, membership may be suspended or terminated, by a two-thirds majority vote, for conduct unbecoming a member. Conditions for reinstatement will be determined by a two-thirds majority vote.

(B) Dues: The Dues shall be $20 per year for an individual, $200 per year for business members desiring a link or acknowledgement of their business on the chamber web site, and $500 for Gold Level Sponsors. New members desiring a link or acknowledgement of their business on the chamber web site shall have their information added to the site within 30 days of submission of their application and payment of dues. Gold Level Sponsors shall receive premium placement on the site, and in direct mail sent to San Martin residents.

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Dues shall be collected at any time during the calendar year upon submission of a new member application to the Membership Chairman. Dues shall not be prorated. The type of membership shall be General Voting Membership.

Suspension: Any membership will be automatically suspended for non-payment of dues after three months, but may be reinstated upon payment of annual dues. Members who have been suspended for non-payment of annual dues shall not vote, be eligible to hold office or serve on committees.

The kinds of memberships and the amount of dues may be reviewed from time to time and changed by majority vote.


(A) Officers and Elections: The offices are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member(s) at Large. The term of office is for two years and the number of officers shall be no more than nine. A slate of officers for the coming calendar year will be presented by a Nominating Committee appointed by the President in January. Nominations may also be made by members from the floor on election day. An annual election shall take place during the second meeting in January by simple majority vote. New officers will take office at the first meeting in February. Vacancies occurring during the year will be filled until the next election day by the President.
(B) Finances: The fiscal year of the Chamber will be from January 1 through December 31. Major financial transactions are decided by majority vote of the elected officers. All chamber assets and finances shall be handled in accordance with federal and state laws regulating non-profit corporations.
(C)Personal and Members’ Responsibilities: Members have the responsibility of treating each other and different points of view with respect and understanding. Therefore, we strive for group consensus , defined as the agreement of those members present at any regular meeting, provided a quorum of eight members is present. While every effort will be made to hear all points of view, it is the responsibility of members to be present at meetings to make their point of view known. Members, Officers and Committee Conveners are also responsible for accomplishing their tasks or find someone to fulfill their tasks, should they be unable to do so themselves.
(D)Meetings: Meetings will be held on a regular basis, held at times and places to be determined by a simple majority vote of members and announced via the web site, and other reasonable means. Special meetings may be called by two or more officers for urgent business, providing that a good faith effort is made to notify all members 24 hours in advance. All meetings are open to members and visitors. Meetings shall be conducted using Roberts’ Rules of Order.
(E) Committees: The Chamber may form committees to accomplish specific tasks that promote the purpose of the group. A Committee will have a Chairman or Convener responsible for calling the group together and communicating with the Chamber membership. A Committee may be discontinued by vote of the members.
(F) Amendments: These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting, provided notification of proposed changes has been given one month in advance.