About Us

San Martin is called “The Jewel of South County™” due to its unmatched rural setting, with numerous wineries, farms, and open spaces, where it is common place to share our main roads with tractors and horses.  However, what makes San Martin special also leads to unique challenges for local businesses and the rural community.

Our Purpose

The Chamber of Commerce exists to serve the local businesses and community of San Martin. Though we have tremendously successful businesses within our community, we also have businesses who feel forgotten or that they are too small to become involved in a Chamber whose focus is in another community. The San Martin Chamber is the “hub” for local businesses to rally around, the welcome wagon for those who live in San Martin , and the primary host of Chamber events and community festivals, which bring our businesses and community together!

Our Board is opposed to allowing our organization to become political, but there will be opportunities to interact with the governing groups to achieve ends that benefit San Martin businesses.

We look to continued success helping businesses, hosting events, mixers, and raising awareness of key issues in San Martin like the Santa Clara County’s plans to implement a business license fee for businesses in unincorporated areas, the alignment of High Speed Rail thru downtown and that path’s potential impact upon our downtown business area, and others…..

Why a “San Martin” Chamber of Commerce?

While we are excited to potentially partner with the more established Gilroy / Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, the San Martin Chamber of Commerce is focused on our local businesses and our community like no other Chamber can.

For businesses in San Martin a continuing problem has been that when people are asked to name San Martin businesses, they often can only recall one or two businesses by name. In part due to our communities rural nature and the growth of our neighbors this is not surprising. The truth is that San Martin is home to many 100’s of large and small businesses. The Chamber offers a solution by being a vehicle to raise the profile of our local businesses to the Gilroy and Morgan Hill communities, and more importantly to our local San Martin residents.  The Chamber also provides resources, and is a trusted partner to those businesses helping them achieve their goals.

The most common response we’ve had when introducing ourselves to businesses is “about time!”.

Community and Identity

At the same time we are promoting local businesses we want to build a stronger self identity for San Martin residents. We do this by having the community join together in local events and activities which improve San Martin, or are simply fun! Examples include clearing brush from empty lots, helping at the Wings of History Open House, hosting car shows, block parties, family picnics, and other local events will help all that we serve.

The San Martin Chamber of Commerce became official April 13, 2017 and holds a 501(c)(6) nonprofit status, and our board is 100% volunteers represented by both businesses and community members.

Join us and become active in your Chamber and your community!
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