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South Bay Airstream Adventures Ribbon Cutting May 2018
A new member of the San Martin Chamber of Commerce, South Bay Airstream invited the public to a ribbon cutting Friday, May 11. Board members from the chamber, Airstream employees, and the public posed for the above photo.

Clos LaChance Time For Wine Concert Series is one of San Martin’s premier events. View their calendar here: 2018 SONG & WINE SERIES

San Martin Chamber has agreed to provide links, including both views concerning High Speed Rail. We hope San Martin residents will utilize these two links, so they can form their own opinions about HSR.

California High Speed Rail Authority – State of California
The California High-Speed Rail Authority is responsible for planning, designing, building and operation of the f…
California High-Speed Rail Authority

Morgan Hill Times article

Citizens for California High-Speed Rail Accountability | Analyzing and exposing California High-Speed Rail failures
Citizens for California High-Speed Rail Accountability | Analyzing and expo…

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Read the latest Chamber News Articles by local writers!!

by Larry Mickartz Aug/Sept 2018
San Martin, “The Jewel of South County,’ nestled between Gilroy and Morgan Hill, is a charming rural community with a population of 7,200 residents…… Read More

by Larry Mickartz April/May 2018
San Martin is an unincorporated area between Morgan Hill and Gilroy. It has a little over 7000 residents. It has a strong agriculture base and a few wineries. It does not have….. Read More

by Debra Eskinazi Mar 29th 2018
The community of San Martin held a citywide cleanup Saturday, March 24—the second of its kind since the small unincorporated town of 7,800 added a chamber of commerce in August 2017. Read More

by Marty Cheek Jan 19th, 2018
San Martin volunteers get county commendation for ‘trash bash’….. Read More

by Robert Airoldi| Jan 12th, 2018
Taking out the trash is a chore everyone must do. Rarely does anyone get a commendation from the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors for this activity. Superintendent Mike Wasserman did exactly that at the Jan. 8 board meeting by putting a spotlight on the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance, along with GreenWaste Recovery and the San Martin Chamber of Commerce, for the joint community “trash bash” event that was held Saturday, Nov. 11.Read More

by Jordan Rosenfeld Nov/Dec 2017
Some of the very things that make the unincorporated area of San Martin so alluring to its residents – such as its rural feeling, with wide open spaces and lack of big box developments – have also caused it some problems….. Read More

by Scott Forstner Nov 16th 2017
San Martin is a cleaner and greener city today than it was last week, thanks to the efforts of about 80 South County Residents who participated in the local chamber of commerce’s inaugural Trash Bash and Veteran Day Flag Raising Event. Read More

by Trina Hineser | Aug 25, 2017
While many communities are working hard to grow, San Martin values its rural community and works at preserving it. With many businesses that are principal to its downtown village core, they reflect the character that makes San Martin special.Read More

by Bev Stenehjem August 10, 2017
The unincorporated community of San Martin hopes its first Chamber of Commerce will help bring this rural town of 7,800 together and create a stronger identity.
Mark Peebles, president, and Trina Hineser, community liaison director for the Chamber, say they want people to know about the community nicknamed “The Jewel of the South County,” and the chamber’s mission, “Building Community to Protect San Martin’s Rural Heritage.”Read More

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